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Do you have automatization needs.
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Cronus automatizes your printing house process and production and saves you money! Cronus is a complete modular printing house automatization system (MIS) that covers major processes from planning, over execution to control. The modular design allows all sizes of print shops to integrate into the platform and expand on demand. Cronus is a secured cloud based application, which is accessible all over the world and supported on your mobile device. All your production and analytics data are one touch away at any time.

Cronus brings artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to the printing industry.
  • Intelligent algorithms for automatic selection of the most economical process to produce a calculated product.
  • Tracking of processes from the calculation to the end produced product (Paperless).
  • Big Data analytics dashboard for all processes from calculation to the end production.
  • Optimization of the production process with the data collected in the past production alliteration.
  • Cloud based machine-learning algorithms.
  • Optional sensor integration, to capture more contextual important data for the production process.
  • Complete Cronus API, for integration in 3rd part platforms and data exchange.

Power up every part of your business with Cronus.

Calculate a product
Convert your calculation in an order
The data is automatically send to production
Monitoring and all data in real-time
Analytics data from calculation to delivery
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Maschine section
Cronus Air Quality Sensors.

Temperature - ​Humidity - VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)

The printing industry uses diverse technologies to produce a wide variety of printed materials. There are many different printing processes, which share some common production and environmental challenges. Among these are the wise use of energy, maintenance of good indoor air quality, and year-round control of temperature and humidity in the facility.

Uncontrolled humidity results in poor productivity and bad product quality. Various areas in the printing process require humidity and temperature control to produce perfect results.

Temperature Sensor
Humidity Sensor
VOC Sensor
Visual state Indicatior
WiFi Connectivity (802.11ac)
Magnetic or Self-adhesive mouting
Every machine section is monitored in real time and responses to possible problems before they happen. The illuminated logo acts as a visual state indicator (Red/Green).